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Why natural cork

 take out the cork

Sustainable products with cork, a 100% natural product.

Cork is extracted from cork, which is the only tree in the world that produces this material and that lives, exclusively, in Mediterranean ecosystems. Present in only 9 countries of the world. In these Mediterranean ecosystems, along with cork screws and holm ies, more than 400 species coexist between flora and fauna. These forests and pastures have become some of the last refuges of many of the species of animals and vegetables that today are endangered, such as the Iberian Lynx, Iberian Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, wild orchids, and a long etc.

The cork is taken out of the cork, in Extremadura, weather permitting, is done every 9 years. For cork extraction you do not need to cut the tree, the "sacaores" with expert hands, uncork them without causing any damage to the cork, and the tree will continue to produce cork, without altering its physical state. It is one of the few activities that still survive and that is 100% sustainable, thanks to which, we help to conserve these natural spaces with all its flora, fauna and ancient culture associated with it.

San Vicente de Alcántara (Badajoz – Extremadura) is known as the City of Cork. In its factories, 90% of the cork stopper is produced nationally. Going back to its cork tradition at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Although the most popular and well-known use is the cork stopper, both natural and agglomerate, the use of this material goes further, being present places as varied as the sole of a shoe, insulating for the construction of cold and noise , in musical instruments, we can even find it in engine parts of a Formule 1.

From CorchoporNaturaleza we want to give you a little of our tradition and culture, that is why we put at your disposal a selection of items made totally by hand and with a totally ecological product.

Our jewelry is made entirely by hand, handcrafted and exclusively for every order. The materials with which they are manufactured are natural cork sheets. These are used for washers. They are placed in the caps of cava or champagne and others, are made from the recycling of natural plugs and agglomerate plugs. The parts that are darker color, belong to what is called belly and back, that is the part of the cork that is in contact with the trunk of the cork and the part of the cork that we see on the outside.

Do you dare to wear a piece of Mediterranean forest?

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