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Artisan Packaging

When you receive a gift the first thing you see is the packaging, which can give you a clue of what is inside.

At Cork for Nature, when we considered the packaging, we wanted it to be like our products, natural, simple but elegant and still sustainable . So we began to think how we could do it.

But, the perfect packaging, the perfect packaging was already invented many, many years ago and no, no one can attribute its creation, it has been nature, which after millennia of evolution has the ideal protection for each fruit, for each seed.

The essence of cork, the origin of cork, is the acorn of the cork oak, covered by a hard layer and kept on the branch of the tree thanks to a small beret. This small fruit encloses a large tree that will last centuries. So it was impossible to improve mother nature, but we could get closer to her.

We could not send an acorn, they must stay in the field and give it the opportunity to be new trees or be food for so many animals that need them. But there is one thing that does not serve as food and that is not seed, the beret. The beret is not eaten by animals, most remain at the foot of the cork oaks and over time biodegrade and enrich the soil. So we think about them in order to give it a second life, put them in our packaging.

Sustainable Packaging

Simple and natural

We reuse the boxes

We bring you nature

The kraft paper wrapper, the most natural, undyed, adorned with an orange ribbon that is intended to be a nod to the color of the freshly cork oaks, with a small sheet of felt and our natural acorn with a small ball of felt to give you give a little color. Simple and natural.

The boxes in which our products reach you contain a little secret: they are reused. Every day hundreds of boxes arrive at local establishments filled with all kinds of products and which are then deposited in cardboard containers for recycling. But, before recycling them, why not give them a second life? You already know the 3R rule, reduce, recycle and reuse.

With which in Cork by Nature both the packaging and the boxes where your gift arrives, are totally sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is our little grain of sand to take care of our planet, now it's your turn to contribute your grain, don't forget to recycle it ;)

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