Cork properties

The cork properties are many and varied, when we think of cork, the first thing that comes to mind is a bottle of wine and its cap, a cork stopper. This is the main use of this material, but do you know where it comes from, or how it is obtained? Many people think that in order to get the cork out of the cork oak tree, the tree must be cut down.

Nothing is further from reality, the cork is one of the few crafts trades that remain, which are sustainable with the environment. It is a natural material, which is obtained from the bark of the cork oak.

For its obtaining, no damage is done to the tree, simply every 9 years, expert hands practice cross-sectional and longitudinal cuts in the tree's cork, never touching the mother layer, so that it can be detached with all ease The cork oak will continue producing cork in a natural way and the process will continue for years, since a cork oak has a half-life of about 300 years, although here in the Sierra de San Pedro, we have specimens of more than 500 years, and they are still being removed the cork.

 cork benefits

When we take out the cork, what we mainly think about obtaining, is a natural cork stopper, hence the uncorking is done every 9 years, enough time for the cork to be thick enough to obtain a stopper. Everything that is not valid for this purpose, born cork, refugo, cuttings of corks, etc. It will be destined to the agglomerate industry, in which we will obtain products as varied as the agglomerate cap for young wines, white wines, sparkling wines, etc. In addition, thanks to cork properties, it offers numerous advantages for the manufacture of insulating plates for construction, floors, parts for saxophones, parts for fishing, even for its characteristic of fire retardant and absorb vibrations, we can find it inside the engine of a formula 1 or space rocket. Without forgetting, of course, crafts and clothes.

In cork areas, such as San Vicente de Alcantara, the cork, since the first industry in this sector settled, became part of its culture becoming objects of daily use such as seats, food bowls, high chairs for babies, grain silos, utensils to take food to the field, which also retains heat, even as bee hives to get honey. As people's purchasing power was increasing, little by little, this material was replaced by others such as plastic, of course infinitely more polluting than cork.

Advantages of cork properties

Thanks to cork properties, it admits many uses, among them the production of artisanal articles of the highest quality.

The artisans who work this material have evolved the product, while continuing to work as they used to produce objects that are still valid today, such as the cork seat. They have managed to get new products adapted to the times , creating cords, different types of fabric, different shades of color to combine it. All this while still being cork and thus be able to continue talking about a 100% natural and environmentally friendly material from its obtaining until it reaches our hands, the raw material with which our artisans work is refined, and treated so that by example can be washed, do not stain easily ...

Today you can carry, for example, a cork cover for your next-generation mobile, a handbags, a bracelets, a wallet, a purse, an umbrella…. with a natural material, washable and ecological , since thanks to the fact that the corkscrew has been maintained, we know that the cork oak forests have been maintained, in which more There is biodiversity in all European forests, since being productive, eucalyptus trees have not been felled and planted, destined for the paper industry, which, in Extremadura, what they do is impoverish the soil and prevent the growth of native trees, such as It has happened in many places.

The cork oak grows only in the Mediterranean area, that is, only in 9 countries of the World, of which, Spain and Portugal is where there are more hectares. And the best quality of cork, we can only find it, here in Extremadura, in our region, in the Sierra de San Pedro, accompanied by more than 400 species between animals and vegetables, mostly unique and protected.

Do not hesitate, follow us and you will discover the benefits of cork and of course everything that can be done with cork.