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take out of the cork extremadura


Cork is obtained from the cork (Quercus suber), the only tree in the world that produces this material. Cork is a buildup of dead cells that form a peridermis that lines the trunk and branches of the cork oak.

The cork is taken out, in Extremadura, every 9 years, which is the time it takes for a cork to form a layer of thickness enough to be able to make a cork stopper.

The pull is a process respectful to the tree, only expert hands give very precise cuts to this layer of dead cells, the cork, without damaging the mother layer at any time. Subsequently the cork is very easy to detach from the tree, without causing any damage and at 9 the process is repeated.

Most of the cork that is produced worldwide, reaches the cork factories of this town, with which we have the raw material "at home" and the direct contact with the cork and its surroundings from a young age makes us great connoisseurs of this unique material and n the planet.


Corcho por Naturaleza is headquartered in Extremadura, specifically in San Vicente de Alcántara, a town northwest of the province of Badajoz, this town is also known as the City of Cork, since it produces 90% of the plug nationally and located in the Sierra de San Pedro, where the highest quality cork in the world is produced.

We work with cork in various modalities, natural cork that we obtain directly from the factories of the town and with which we make the most traditional products, such as seats, nest boxes, cork for belenes...

Bags, umbrellas, jewelry... We make them with cork fabric, which is obtained from fine natural cork plates attached to a textile fabric. Which makes it very resistant and with a very soft and natural touch.

Most of the products are designed and elaborated ourselves or local artisans, thereby promoting the rooting of the population, thus maintaining artisanal trades, seeking new uses for this multipurpose material and favoring the economy circular cork.
artisan of the cork extremadura
 working the cork of extremadura

Why use cork?

Because it is a 100% sustainable material, in which the tree is not damaged for its extraction, conversely it benefits by favoring its development. In addition, cork oak, thanks to cork, is one of the trees that contributes the most to the fight against climate change, since it absorbs more CO2 than the average of other species.

Because thanks to the cork sack the cork forest is maintained, this being the last refuge of many endangered animal and plant species, such as the great Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Black Vulture, the Iberian lynx, orchids, ocelados lizards....

Because you help to sustain the rural economy, favoring the rooting of small populations, thus maintaining the traditions and culture of the Cork Territories.

Because when you buy a cork product you are acquiring added value that money cannot buy, you take home a piece of Mediterranean forest.

Among other properties we can say that cork is fireproof, waterproof, flexible, hypoallergenic and imputrescible.

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