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Cork accessories

Cork accessories, made with 100% natural cork and handmade manufacturing, produced in Spain.

We have a wide variety of original accessories made of cork (umbrella, bow ties, fans, glasses, folders ...)

If you want to make a gift to someone special, our handmade cork accessories will be a great choice.

  • Stationer's Shop
    Stationer's Shop

    Here is a wide variety of stationery items handmade by our artisans

    Cork by Nature offers you original and exclusive stationery made by hand with cork.

    You can find rustic pens made by hand with cork, original cards carved in this precious material, pens, cases, briefcases, etc.

    By acquiring these products you will be contributing to the maintenance of the environment, since the manufacture of all these items is done by our operators following techniques to extract the cork natural.

    In addition, they can work as excellent gift items for any occasion.

  • Keychains

    Discover the key chains of cork made by hand by the operators of Cork by Nature

    keychains are a useful element for storing your keys. In our store you can find some keychains of cork produced by our operators following a totally natural.

    In Cork by Nature you can find keychains of various colors ( blue, red , black ... ) as well as the natural color of the cork. In addition, our keychain of cork is a fully customizable product, by what can constitute an original gift item. You will choose the letter to be inserted in the keychain.

    In addition, with the acquisition of one of our keychains of cork made by hand, you will contribute to respecting the environment, since our products are made in an ecological and respectful of nature .

  • Cork wallets
    Cork wallets

    For several years now, handbags, purses and cork wallets have gone from being a mere item used to store our things to be a distinctive element of fashion.

    In Cork by Nature we have a wide variety of wallets made with our flagship material: the cork . You can find them plain, printed, multi-colored, with zip, click, etc.

    What really makes these cork wallets are special is that everyone is handmade. For this, the artisans of Cork by Nature are responsible for carrying out the cork following a totally natural process and respectful of the environment.

    The cork wallets are an original fashion element novel, striking and sophisticated, being able to be used both day and night as a complement to an important wedding or event.

    If you are looking for something original and elegant for a special occasion, do not hesitate to take a look at our cork wallets for women!

    Peta Approved Vegan: enjoy our fashion vegan cork wallets.

  • Cork belts
    Cork belts

    <p> Discover these <strong> originals </strong> <strong> belts </strong> made entirely <strong> by hand </strong> by using <strong> cork </strong> extracted <strong> natural </strong> </p>
    <p> It is important to use the <strong> belt </strong> as an important element when dressing in an elegant and sophisticated way. The <strong> belts </strong> offered by <strong> Cork by Nature </strong> are <strong> original </strong> and unique, they are only for sale in our store. In addition, they are made with an element that is <strong> sustainable </strong> with the <strong> environment: </strong> the <strong> cork.</strong> </p>
    <p> Among our <strong> belts </strong> highlights the two-tone silver buckle, the <strong> belt </strong> of <strong> cork </strong> blue woman's golden buckle, our <strong> belt </strong> of <strong> cork </strong> beige ... etc. </p>
    <p> If you buy one of our <strong> belts, </strong> you will be contributing to the development of <strong> sustainable fashion: </strong> a concept that defends <strong> fashion </strong> by using elements produced entirely <strong> naturally </strong> and responsible for the <strong> environment. </strong> We can ensure that these <strong> belts </strong> are produced <strong> by hand </strong> by our operators through the use of <strong> cork </strong> extracted <strong> ecologically </strong> and without danger to the <strong> environment. </strong> </p>
    <p> On the other hand, our <strong> belts </strong> constitute a unique, <strong> original </strong> and elegant <strong> gift item for any special occasion. </p>

  • Wooden glasses
    Wooden glasses

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